DEF CON 28 Safe Mode Edition
Aug. 7 & 8 @ 6pm PST (9pm EST)

Requirements for Hacker Jeopardy

  1. These are games of Honor. Contestants pledge to not cheat.
    If the host, judges, or staff witness cheating, we will take action to make the game equitable for the other teams. The following penalties may be assessed, determined by the severity of the infraction:
    –– Deducting points, or awarding points to opponent(s).
    –– Invalidating a team's ring in or response.
    –– Disqualifying a team from responding further to a clue, category, or entire round.
    –– Reducing or zeroing out beer points.
    –– Forfeiting a team and removing them from the game.

    Cheating is defined as:
    –– Using any reference materials, digital or analogue, to retrieve any information during gameplay.
    –– Communication with anyone other than HJ cast, staff, or contestants during gameplay.
    –– Typing on any device during gameplay.
    –– Using voice interactions with any device during gameplay.
    –– Intentionally cutting audio or video feeds during gameplay.
    –– Any attempt to manipulate, deny service to, degrade the performance of, subvert the timing controls of, or take down the scoreboard, buzzers, or other teams. (If confirmed by logs, immediate disqualification of the entire team. Make sure your attack tools are OFF.)
    –– Tampering with the buzzer client in any way.
    –– Tampering with the beer in any way. The beer must be opened on stream, consumed entirely on camera, according to a published protocol, else no points will be awarded. 
    –– Any action that undermines the spirit and intent of the game.

    A warning will be issued prior to penalty for anything falling under this statement. In exigent circumstances, if contestants need to do one of the things listed above during the round, permission may be sought from the host.

  2. Contestants must ring in using a mobile device (Android or iOS). Your mobile device will be required to be on-screen on a flat surface. A standard mobile browser with JavaScript enabled is required to participate.
  3. A webcam (480i - 720p; no 1080 please), onto a well-lit area. Any background you want to have is fine. HJ cast and staff reserve the right to ask you to change your background.
  4. A quality headset or microphone and a headset to avoid feedback issues. Muting the microphone during gameplay is not permitted.
  5. We suggest you stand for your participation. More action. More of you. More interactions.
  6. MacOS / Windows / Linux laptop or desktop with a recent version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge.
  7. BYOB!
    During gameplay, up to 12 12oz or ~350ml cans or bottle with an ABV of 4% or higher may be consumed per contestant, if teams desire to earn beer points. Drinking is not required to be a contestant on Hacker Jeopardy. Liquor and wine are not acceptable for points. HJ cast and staff decisions are final about beer points.

    If you will be consuming beer for points, you are required to drink from a clear pint glass.

    (If you have questions, ask before the day of!)

  8. Your team captain must have paper and a marker capable of writing responses and then showing them to the camera LEGIBLY. Blank scratch paper is permitted, if it stays in frame, and is proven to be blank to the HJ staff.
  9. Hostility toward staff or sponsors, racism, and bigotry will not be tolerated.

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